Howard Chang
Software Engineer


I am a frontend developer aiming to become a true software engineer and loves coding a lot. While my work focuses on frontend engineering, mostly building SPA with JavaScript, my non work interests range widely. By spending free time learning other computer science related subjects such as machine learning and algorithms, my interest into computer just keep deepening. Building small tools which makes my life easier is also something I love to do on weekend. I am a Canadian citizen living in Taiwan and actively looking for developer positions in North America.

Work Experience

Honest Bee
November 2016 – Present
Software Engineer (Frontend)
  • Refactored front end architecture to make the system more flexible for future extenstions
  • Acted as team representative to communicate with other colleagues in Singapore HQ
September 2016 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
  • Built backend service using NodeJS, MongoDB and GraphQL independently
  • Provided suggestion on front end structure to boost performance effectively
A10 Networks
August 2015 – November 2016
Software Engineer
  • Participated in a scrum team and built a modern front end architecture from ground up with React.js, ES2015, Redux, Node and RethinkDB for internal system and newer projects
  • Collaborated with global team members to maintain and develop new features for AX series projects which intelligently monitor and manage several networking devices with robust and efficient performance with Python/Django and AngularJS
  • Implemented object group service feature and participated in designing the graphical user interface and built searching and filtering function for IP lists to enhance user experience
Doggy Digital Creative Inc
October 2014 – August 2015
Frontend Engineer
  • Wrote client-side code for web-based applications using AngularJS and ReactJS
  • Contributed to CRM project using ReactJS and Reflux at MIGOCorp as onsite engineer which accelerated the progression on product development
  • Created an application using AngularJS and C3.js to monitor the attendance and accomplishments of each councilors in Taiwan


  • August 2015

    2015 NTU Hackathon

    2015 NTU Hackathon VR-Wood Enterprise Award

    During a 3 day hackathon event hosted by NTU, I created a virtual user interface which surrounds the user with various windows in a team of four. Each window will be activated only when the user is looking at it and deactivated otherwise


National Chung Cheng University
May 2016 – May 2016
Gave a talk on how to build web apps with functional programming language ELM
  • Live demo without failing, yay!


#275 8160 Williams Road
Vancouver, British Columbia V7A 1G5 CA


  • 2010 2014

    University of Victoria


    Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • 2007 2009

    British Columbia Institute of Technology


    Electrical and Computer Engineering


Frontend Development Proficient
HTML CSS Javascript/ES2015 ReactJS Redux
Backend Development Proficient
NodeJS MongoDB Python GraphQL
General Knowledge Proficient
Linux Git


Robot Tools Machine Learning Algorithms Information Security
Board Games RPG